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March 11, 2012

This week I have opened my eyes to the different forms of publishing and its open definition which I had never considered before. The term publication is dynamic and can vary from a listening ear to a million readers buying a published novel. My opinion of publication rests on the idea that if it is published on a worldwide scale such as the internet or is sold in book shops, it is considered formally published. An example of informal publishing, on the other hand, would be reading a personal diary out to a group of people or reading out your story to the class. Publishing forms has revolutionised especially in the print. The world’s technology is constantly changing and its effects on society has significantly improved. With the release of the term ereaders, we can see that consumers of articles have switched from traditional print to online media as it is more convenient and often times free of cost. The financial effects of updating media on the society is increasing as the society craves for continuous updates on their electronic media to keep up with social fashions and phases including the APPLE MAC success. Print media can be found much easier on an Ipad or Iphone and is less to carry on the train or whilst travelling.


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