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BLOG ENTRY 3 assemblage

March 21, 2012

After researching the assemblage theory in more detail, I have come to personally understand it as the relationship between material and concepts- or between the physical and non-physical. In attempting to create a connection between this theory and the world of publishing, it has become apparent to myself that perhaps  the assemblage theory and the actor-network theory mirror the image of a writer to his/her computer. The ideas that stream from the mind of the writer take the role of the “semiotic” or conceptual, whilst the keyboard and the computer itself take the role of the material. Even in a more traditional context, a writer to his pen or his ink, this theory would still apply. This notion has indicated that perhaps without either of the two, the entire occupation of publishing one’s ideas or one’s opinion would cease to exist. This is confirmed by this week’s reading in Wikipedia about “ANT”, where is states that the “… material–semiotic networks come together to act as a whole”- the “whole” being writing, publishing, journalism and media.

Keeping with the Wikipedia reference reading, it also states that “…actor-networks are potentially transient, existing in a constant making and re-making” which makes sense with the idea that it reflects the process of publishing media as without the work of journalists or writers and their stories, the entire media industry would collapse. Equally, especially in this technological era, if communicative devices such as smart phones, laptops or computers, which hold access to speaking to the world through the internet, were to shut down, the industry would then also collapse as well. One does not work without the other. Computers or anything digital, would not be needed or used without the thoughts and actions of its user, humans. In terms of complications that arise with this application to the theory, we can imagine a senior journalist or writer that cannot use computers and from here we see a incompatibility between the concept and material. We may also see conflicting ideas between writers and their opinions.


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